If I know how to setup my own system, do I need to purchase Soft Phone/Headset/Setup?

NO. This is known as Bring your Own Device (BYOD). We will charge a $25 setup fee per Extension Standard.

Will my ATA work on any Internet connection?

YES. As long as you have administrative access to change the proxy and endpoint registrations for your device it should work fine. And we are even NAT friendly.

Does the service require an Internet connection?

YES, broadband access is required.

What kind of bandwidth does it take?

Typically any cable modem, DSL, or T-1 type access will be sufficient. Please note that the more ip phone devices that you have connected, the more bandwidth will be required.

Why would we choose your service instead of other VoIP providers?

AXECOM is committed to serving the business community. Unlike other VoIP providers, AXECOM integrates multiple endpoints allowing full collaboration for the entire business. Your business may have 10 phones which operate across 5 physically separate locations: Our solution is to bring them together as if all 10 phones were functioning as 1 complete unit under the same roof. Our pricing structure also reflects our integrated approach to the business user. A Fully functional phone extension can be as low as $10. We do not up-charge the business users. And we speak English!

Why do you recommend QoS?

Quality of Service (QOS) is, in most cases, a “must have” when operating VoIP. Most businesses today have broadband internet connections but are limited in total bandwidth by the service package in which they subscribe. When choosing an adequate package for VoIP, one must pay close attention to the upload speed being offered by the provider. Let’s assume that you will have 5 VoIP phones in your office and are subscribing to a cable modem service which allows 2Mbps/512Kbps in download/upload speeds respectively. Each phone will use 80Kbps in bandwidth, so the total bandwidth requirement for 5 phones will be 400Kbps. The upload speed in this example is 512Kbps and is sufficient for 5 concurrent phone calls, however, if you are browsing the internet and downloading email at the same time you are conducting business on the phone, you may notice some degradation in your phone quality. In short, QOS separates your voice traffic (phone calls) from your data traffic (email, web browsing, etc) and gives priority to the voice. Because of bandwidth limitations on our internet lines, QOS devices will improve your phone call quality as well as decrease your monthly spend on internet bandwidth.

Do I have to buy phones and headsets from you?

NO. This is known as Bring your Own Device (BYOD).

Can I fax over this service?

NO. We do not offer faxing services at this time.